Paul Berry's picture
Asst Prof (Adj) Sch of Music
Ardis Butterfield's picture
Marie Borroff Prof of English, Prof, Music, French
Richard Cohn's picture
Battell Prof of the Theory of Music
Jeffrey Douma's picture
Prof (Adj) Sch of Music; Dir Yale Glee Club
Thomas Duffy's picture
Prof (Adj) Sch of Music; Dir of University Bands; Dir Yale Jazz Initiative
Daniel Egan's picture
Lect Music Dept and Theater Studies
Michael Friedmann's picture
Prof (Adj) Sch of Music and Music Dept
Daniel Harrison's picture
Allen Forte Professor of Music Theory
Prof Sch of Music; Dir Sch of Music; Prof (Adj) Music Dept
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Administrative Assistant
James Hepokoski's picture
Henry L & Lucy G Moses Prof of Music; Chair Music Dept
Assoc Prof (Adj) Sch of Music and Music Dept
Konrad Kaczmarek's picture
Asst Prof (Adj) Music Dept
Brian Kane's picture
Assoc Prof Music Dept
Richard Lalli's picture
Prof (Adj) Music Dept
Henry Parkes's picture
Asst Prof Inst of Sacred Music and Music Dept and Divinity Sch
Lynda Paul's picture
Lecturer in English, Music, and Theater Studies; Residential College Writing Tutor, Pauli Murray; Associate, Yale College Writing Center
Susan Penney's picture
Operations Mgr English and Music Departments
Leon Plantinga's picture
Henry L & Lucy G Moses Prof Emeritus of Music; Lect Sch of Music
Ian Quinn's picture
Prof Music Dept
Ellen Rosand's picture
George A. Saden Prof Emeritus of Music
Graduate School Student
Graduate School Student
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Lect Sch of Music
Ming Wai Tai's picture
Graduate School Student
Gary Tomlinson's picture
John Hay Whitney Professor of Music & the Humanities; Dir Whitney Humanities Ctr
Michael Veal's picture
Prof Music Dept and Afr Am Studies and American Studies
Craig Wright's picture
Henry L & Lucy G Moses Prof Emeritus of Music