The Department of Music in Yale College is the home of undergraduate music majors as well as the source of course work designed for the non-major with minimal preparation in music. For the music major, the Department of Music offers a full-scale, humanities-oriented program in the composition, history, and theory of music that is intended to provide an extensive background in the art form for students who will go on to professional careers as composers, performers, or scholars, or who may enter fields in which a solid grounding in music is essential, such as arts management, cognitive psychology, music production, publishing, or world music. The study of musical performance for credit toward the music major and the Bachelor of Arts degree is available by an arrangement between Yale College and the Yale School of Music.  Completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree in music is an excellent basis for post-graduate music study. Students may select Music as a humanities major, just as they would, for example, select English or History.

Yale College Programs of Study - Department of Music (Information & major requirements)