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Nathan Smith (2020) is a PhD student in Music Theory. He holds a M.M. in music theory from Indiana University (2020), a M.A. in the humanities from University of Chicago (2017), and a B.A. in music from Butler University (2015). While at IU, Smith was the recipient of the Presser Graduate Music Award for his research project “Collective Contact: Agency and Sonic Analogues in Progressive Metal Mosh Pits.” 
His research interests lie at the various intersections of 20th/21st-century American and European music (art, jazz, metal) and culture, mathematical music theory, rhythm and meter, performative analysis, music and the body, music and dance, and sound studies. 
Apart from his research interests, Nathan is an engaged environmental and social activist, reader of science fiction, and—above all—companion to his dog, Dowland.
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Music Theory