Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater

The Shen Curriculum Turns 15!

The Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater examines the American Musical Theater as an indigenous American art form, one informed and influenced by changing cultural, socio-economic and musical tastes and styles. Courses in composition, history, lyric writing, libretto writing and performance complement courses in music theory, music history, dramatic theory and dramatic history and performance offered by the Music and Theater Studies departments. Shen Curriculum faculty is drawn from scholars and professionals in the field, including composers, directors, lyricists, librettists, directors and performers. The curriculum is administered by the Music department and courses are cross listed in the Theater Studies department and the Yale School of Drama, where appropriate. Here are a few relevant links:

Music Theater Course Offerings

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Conducting Research in Music

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In addition, a flourishing extra-curricular program, led by the “Fridays @ Five” series of master classes, seeks to bridge the gap between liberal arts study of musical theater topics and a more hands-on approach to performance and critique of new composition. Guest artists for Fridays @ Five represent a cross-section of prominent industry professionals.

Inquiries should be addressed to Daniel Egan (, Coordinator of the Shen Curriculum.