A number of electives in Ethnomusicology are offered on a regular basis.  They include:

Music 232:  Javanese Gamelan: Analysis and Performance.
Various Instructors.
Javanese musical genres and performance styles from the eighteenth century to the twenty-first. Performance on multiple instruments; study of theoretical, aesthetic, and analytical discourses about gamelan and other Indonesian performance genres. Students in this class form the nucleus of the Yale Javanese Gamelan Ensemble.

Music 276:  Music of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Professor Michael Veal.
A survey of the traditional and popular musics of black Africa, organized both by nation, such as Ghana, and by region, such as Senegambia. Introduction to the fundamental musical principles, materials, and performance contexts of African music.

Music 375:  Topics in World Music.
Professor Michael Veal.
A critical introduction to selected cultures of world music. Specific cultures vary from year to year but generally include those of Native America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.