Individual Instrument / Voice Lessons

Individual Instrument / Voice Lessons 

The Yale School of Music offers music lessons to students in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the graduate professional schools. 

Instruction is available in flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, classical saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, harp, harpsichord, piano, organ, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. YSM does not provide instruments, so students must have access to their own instruments. 

Students interested in composition, choral conducting, and orchestral conducting can find classes in the Department of Music and in the School of Music. 


Auditions for lessons were held in the fall for the academic year. Availability is extremely limited for new students wishing to take lessons in the spring, especially for voice and piano. All students interested in taking lessons must submit a Music Lesson Application.

Auditions will be handled on an individual basis for Spring Semester based on availability.

Lessons information for Spring Semester, 2023 

Please follow these important Covid requirements:  

  • Masks are required for students and teachers.
    • Wind/brass players must wear slit masks and use bell covers during lessons.   
    • Singers must be masked during voice lessons. 
  • Participants who cannot be fully masked while engaged in lessons (wind instrumentalists) must have an up to date vaccination status in accordance with current Yale COVID policy. 
  • Participants who are experiencing symptoms should schedule a COVID test and postpone the lesson until they receive a negative result.   

    Once students have met these requirements, they can schedule lessons with their instructors. Access to individual practice rooms in Hendrie will be available by reservation through ArtsVision. 

    *No lesson applications will be accepted after January 25, 2023. 

    Lesson request form 

    All students wishing to apply for music lessons must first submit a Music Lesson Application. 

    Undergraduate music lessons for credit

    Pending the results of online auditions and faculty availability, YSM will grant credit lessons to select students. Students may be required to play a final jury each semester and will receive a narrative final grade report along with a P or F grade. There is no additional charge for the lessons; students enrolled for credit are also required to enroll in certain music theory and musicianship courses through the Department of Music. Students may choose from courses in Groups I, III, and IV from the Yale Music Department’s Course offerings for Spring, 2023. These courses may be taken prior to or concurrent with credit music lessons. Guidance for music theory placement is available on the Department of Music’s web page.

    Students wishing to apply for credit lessons must first fill out an application for lessons. Students approved by YSM faculty for lessons for credit must have returned the lesson request form in addition to registering for the course with the Yale College Registrar.

    Non-credit lessons 

    Non-credit-lesson students are not required to take any music theory courses, are not required to play a final jury, and do not receive a final grade. Students can choose to receive six hours of non-credit instruction per semester ($350) or 10 hours of instruction ($550). 

    Undergraduate students who demonstrate musical potential and financial need are eligible for a scholarship from the Cynthia Redding White Dixon Memorial Fund through the Department of Music. For information about applying for a scholarship, please contact Ms. Kristine Kinsella.  

    There is no refund for lessons missed, and the full year will be charged unless students drop the lessons before the deadline using the Lesson Drop Form. 

    Returning undergraduate students 

    Returning students must complete a Music Lesson Application. Returning students do not need to re-audition unless requesting a new teacher or a change in lesson type. All students taking lessons for credit must also register for the class in their regular schedule as well as any music theory co-requisites needed. Please contact Professor Kyung Yu (, Director of the YSM Lessons Program, for specific audition requirements for your instrument.