Contact Information

For general information about applying to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, visit the admissions page.

For specific information about the Department’s Ph.D. programs, please contact the Director of Graduate studies, Brian Kane at

For information about the Yale School of Music and its programs in composition, conducting, and performance, visit their site.

Mailing address

Department of Music at Yale University
P. O. Box 208310
New Haven CT 06520-8310
Phone: (203) 432-2985/Fax: (203) 432-2983

The Department building is Stoeckel Hall, located at 469 College St. in New Haven, on the southeast corner of College and Wall streets.

Department Staff for Graduate Studies

Ian Quinn
(203) 432-2985

Director of Graduate Studies
Daniel Harrison
(203) 432-2986

Graduate Registrar
Kristine Kinsella
(203) 432-2986