Music History

A number of electives in Music History are offered on a regular basis.  They include:

Music 130:  Introduction to the History of Western Music: 900 to 1800.
An introduction to the principal styles of Western art music through an examination of works by outstanding composers, beginning with Gregorian chant and ending with the music of Haydn and Mozart.

Music 131:  Introduction to the History of Western Music: 1800 to the Present.
Professor Gundula Kreuzer.
A survey of nineteenth- and twentieth-century composers, genres, and styles of music in Europe and America, with an emphasis on ways of listening.

Music 150: Faith and Doubt in Western Music
Professor Henry Parkes
An exploration of spirituality, ideology, and philosophical worldviews in the great works of Western classical music. Religious and philosophical backgrounds of famous composers; the role of spirituality as a stimulus for creativity; the manner in which belief has shaped the reception of composers and works; the degree to which musical works communicate spiritual ideas or philosophies.

Music 175: Listening to Music.
Development of aural skills that lead to an understanding of Western music. The musical novice is introduced to the ways in which music is put together and is taught how to listen to a wide variety of musical styles, from Bach and Mozart, to Gregorian chant, to the blues.

Music 180: History of Rock
Professor Daniel Harrison
A survey of major styles, genres, and artists in popular commercial music ca. 1960-2010. Analysis of individual songs, albums, and repertories, supported by study of cultural contexts, careers and biographies, and developments in the recording industry.

Music 185: American Musical Theater History
Professor Dan Egan
Critical examination of relevance and context in the history of the American musical theater. Historical survey, including nonmusical trends, combined with text and musical analysis.

Music 351: Music in European Court, Church, and Theater, 1600-1800
Professor James Hepokoski
A detailed investigation of the history of musical style from 1600 to 1800.

Music 352: The European Art Music Tradition, 1800-1950
Professor James Hepokoski
A detailed investigation of the history of musical style from 1800 to the present.