Journal of Music Theory

Founded by David Kraehenbuehl at Yale in 1957, JMT is the oldest music-theory journal now published in the United States. Originally a publication of the Yale School of Music, where it was officially housed for many years, JMT has always been edited by scholars associated with the Department of Music in Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a relationship formalized in the last decade with JMT’s move to the Department. The current Executive Editor of JMT is Richard Cohn.

JMT publishes research with important and broad applications in the analysis of music and the history of music theory as well as theoretical and metatheoretical work that engages and stimulates ongoing discourse in the field. Since its inception, the journal has fostered conceptual and technical innovations in abstract, systematic musical thought, and cultivated the historical study of musical concepts and compositional techniques. While remaining true to its original formalist outlook, the journal also addresses the influences of philosophy, mathematics, computer science, cognitive science, and anthropology on music theory.

JMT is published on behalf of the Yale Department of Music by Duke University Press. For subscription information and information for contributors, please visit JMT’s website at Duke University Press. Duke also hosts JMT’s content and archive.