About Us

For undergraduates in Yale College, the Department awards a liberal-arts B.A. degree for majors with various levels of concentration, offers a wide range of courses for all students, and sponsors many performing groups open to all Yale undergraduates. While many of our undergraduates have gone on to have professional careers in music, others have used their music study as an enriching foundation for other pursuits.

Within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Department also offers Ph.D. degrees in Music History, Music Theory, and Ethnomusicology. Normally, between six and eight students are admitted each year, all with generous stipends, and they add to a tightly knit community of scholars who both benefit from and add to the extraordinary resources of Yale University. Many graduates have become leading scholars and sought-after teachers in their fields, often rising to positions of disciplinary and institutional leadership in the academic profession.

The Department of Music is located in Stoeckel Hall at the corner of College and Wall streets, and directly across from the main performance halls on campus.