The Standard Music Major

The Standard Music major provides a general music program in the humanities, as well as preparation for graduate studies or for careers in music. The standard major consists of twelve term courses, eleven of which must be numbered 300 or above, excluding the prerequisites, MUSI 210a or b, 211a or b, 218a or b, and 219a or b. To gain a comprehensive familiarity with the history and theory of music, a student majoring in Music completes a survey covering music history from the medieval period to the present as well as a two-course music theory requirement. Students may choose two courses from the music theory series 301a thru 311b to satisfy the music theory requirement. The three survey courses in music history are MUSI 350a, 351b, and 352b. A fourth survey course in world music is required, MUSI 353a. Also required is one course designated “Senior Seminar” during the senior year.  Five additional term courses in music chosen from Levels 200, 300, and 400 (only one of which is from Level 200) complete the major. Prospective majors are advised to begin the required courses by their sophomore year.

Students intending to go on to graduate work are advised to study German and French to achieve at least a reading knowledge of those languages. All Music majors are urged to undertake regular studies in musical performance.

Senior requirement

Each student pursuing the Standard Music major must satisfy a senior departmental requirement by electing a senior seminar (designated “Senior Seminar” in the course listing) during one of the final two terms. The final essay, composition, or other project completed for the Senior Seminar should provide an appropriate culmination to the student’s work in the Standard Music major and in Yale College. In exceptional circumstances, a graduate seminar in the Music department may substitute for the Senior Seminar; this requires written permission both from the director of graduate studies and from the director of undergraduate studies. Senior Seminars are also open to interested juniors with the permission of the instructor and the director of undergraduate studies, but one seminar must be taken in the senior year to fulfill the senior requirement.