The B.A./M.M. Program

Students in Yale College possessing outstanding ability in performance or composition may anticipate, through their undergraduate programs, one year of the Master of Music program in the School of Music, provided they have completed four terms of performance (MUSI 360a or b, 361a or b, 460a or b, and 461a or b) and MUSI 210a or b and 211a or b by the end of the junior year.

The program is open to majors both in Music and in other subjects. Majors in subjects other than Music may present four courses toward the M.M. degree in addition to four terms of performance. These courses normally include two from the music theory sequence numbered MUSI 301-311, and two from MUSI 350a, 351a, 352b, and 353a, taken by the end of the junior year.

Candidates admitted to the B.A./M.M. program are expected to sit for placement examinations and juries in the School of Music at the beginning of their senior year. They must take lessons and MUS 544, the School of Music Seminar in the Major, in that year and they are advised to take two terms of a performance ensemble if their schedules permit. Students seeking the B.A./M.M. degree in an orchestral instrument are required to participate in the Yale Symphony or the School of Music Philharmonia during their senior year. Composers, singers, and keyboard players should consult their principal teacher about requirements in the senior year beyond the lessons and seminar.

Interested students should consult their principal teacher at the beginning of the first term of their junior year and file an application in the Office of Student Affairs at the School of Music.

Students who have accelerated the undergraduate program are ineligible to apply for the B.A./M.M. program.

Please contact Lily Sutton in Yale School of Music Admissions for more