Theodoretus Breen

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Graduate School Student

Theodoretus Breen (2018) is pursuing a PhD in Historical Musicology. Prior to his time at Yale, he completed an MPhil in Music Studies at the University of Cambridge under Susan Rankin’s supervision, and also worked for two startups in New York City. His master’s dissertation, which won the William Barclay Squire Essay Prize, examined the presence of sexual violence in the 13th-century motet repertory and argued the scribes of the Montpellier Codex grouped small sets of motets thematically to expand the possibilities of negotiating tropes of sexual violence both across and within clustered motets. While at Yale, he hopes to combine his backgrounds in medievalism and tech by engaging in research concerned with the mediating forces of technology—conceived broadly—on the production, dissemination, and interpretation of music both past and present.

Research interests: information design, media anthropology, manuscript culture, music sharing platforms, memes, internet studies

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Music History
Music History