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Tatiana Koike (2017) is a Ph.D. student in music theory. She holds a M.M. in music theory from The University of Texas at Austin, and a B.M. in music performance from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her Master’s thesis is entitled “Enacting Music Through Paratexts: A Shifting Politics of Interpretation,” and engages with paratextual mediation of music through a series of case studies in musical scores, CDs, and digital music. Her thesis highlights certain shifts in cultural power that underpin these presentations of musical texts through paratexts, and considers Spotify as exemplary of the changing conditions surrounding the relationship between text and paratext through Internet technology.

Tatiana’s research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to theories of musical mediation. Her work involves intersections between music analysis, media studies, critical theory, and performance analysis.

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Music Theory
Music Theory