Marissa Glynias Moore

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Marissa Glynias Moore (2012) is a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology.  Her dissertation theorizes the voice within Christian congregational singing in the US, focusing primarily on global song (the use of non-Western hymns in Western contexts) and the music of Taizé, an ecumenical monastery in France. Previously, she has presented at the Harvard Graduate Forum and the Society for Ethnomusicology conference on the role of Catholic music inside and outside of the church in Vezo villages on the Southwestern coast of Madagascar, and the manner in which Catholic songs have been popularized and utilized in non-Catholic ritual contexts. Her primary interests include music and spirituality, issues of globalization and religion, popular music analysis and the material culture of music.  Originally from Cleveland, OH, she graduated from Harvard College in 2012 with an A.B. in Music and Archaeology, where she wrote her senior thesis on the archaeomusicology of bone flutes from the Upper Paleolithic in Germany and Nasca-period Peru. Outside the classroom, Marissa works as a Writing Partner at the Yale College Writing Center, and continues to play the flute and sing in groups on and off campus.

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